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Our Briquette Make is sold world wide, check out our shop for the delivery costs in your location.
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Press Details for the USA

The dimentions of the press are width 12cm, table top version height 40cm (add 50cm for the legs, in the freestanding version) length 30cm the briquette basket size is 110mm x 95mm and weighs 11kg. The briquettes can be made 110mm x 95mm x 100mm (max size).

Our press is priced based on the EURO as it is made in Germany. Paypal will automatically will convert to dollars. Our press costs 189€ and to the USA the postage is 75€. It is also possible to pay via credit card if requires, direct bank transfer can also be used.

We have sold many presses to the USA and delivery takes around 6 to 8 weeks.
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Our Papierbriquettpresse is made in the EU and exported worldwide, we can offer all of Europe full support and service.
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