How to make paper briquettes. (Paper Briquette Maker)

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Making paper briquettes is very simple once you get the hang of it, with a bit of practice you’ll have a nice little production line going in no time at all.

Our multimate paper briquette maker is the best on the market

This is the wet method.

First thing you need to do is tear up the paper into small strips of a about an inch wide (strips work better than pieces) or use a paper shredder, put them all in a large bucket, fill the bucket with water using our free mixing paddle will help the paper break down quicker.

Tip: If you want to be more eco friendly you can use water collected from a water butt rather than your household tap.

Usine our mixing paddle means you don't have to Leave the paper soak overnight.

You can speed up the process if you want to by using warm water which helps break down the paper quicker and enables you to start making paper logs in about 30 minutes, whichever way you decide to go with you will need to give it a good old stir.

The finished paper should look like mushy pulp.

Now the paper is ready to be made into logs so get your briquette maker and fill it to the top with the paper pulp squeezing out some of the water as you go with your hands, wear rubber gloves as it can get messy and might even stain your hands from the print.

Now using our special design to remove as much of the water in one simple pressing of the pressure arm.

There is no need to put any padding over the arm, it is specially designed to apply maximum pressure from one simple action.

Raise the pressure arm take out the basket and you have the finished brick.

Keep repeating this until all the paper has been used up and place your freshly made briquettes in a warm place to dry out, if you have a greenhouse then this is a perfect place for them if not any dry place inside or out is fine.

You can leave them outside in the summer months but keep them out of the rain. If they are not dried out in time for use and you have radiators on to heat your home try placing then on top of them to speed up the drying times.

Once fully dried store them in a cool dry room that doesn’t get damp and use them when needed.

You now have paper logs that will burn for at least an hour and up to 2 hours satisfied in the knowledge that you have made something that is as environmentally friendly as it can possible be.

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