What is the difference between multimate MK-II & MK-IV (Multimate Briquette Maker)

by keith1186 ⌂ @, Biberach DE, Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 08:49 (160 days ago)
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The main difference between the two presses is their weight, because a lot of our presses are sold to the US and DHL base their postage costs on weight. We decided that if we could reduce the weight below 10kg it would reduce the US postage from 75€ to 54€. Some of our early presses used 5mm steel for the main body of the press (that was due to supply from our steel stockist). So we were able to reduce that to 2mm, but that was not enough to get below the 10kg mark. Our basic design has been to install the basket and pressure above the 40 x 100mm box section which is where all the water was drained from.

So in our MK-IV version we set the basket and pressure arm within the box section,


therefore reducing the weight considerably. We also reduced the thickness of the steel legs from 3mm to 2mm. Whereby we have got the press below the magical 10kg. Still our MK-II is the best press available but the MK-IV still works in the same way all be it with less waste water capacity, but from the postage point of view the MK-IV is cheaper.:-)

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