Horse manure for a fire log (Types of contents for a briquette)

by keith1186 ⌂ @, Biberach DE, Sunday, April 25, 2021, 07:47 (271 days ago) @ Keith Hughes
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[image]]We have found that it is possible to use horse manure in our press, the only thing is that it must be added to the usual mix of newspaper pulp, otherwise it will clog up the press and be difficult to remove from the basket.
If I burn the briquettes isn’t it going to stink the house out, the answer to that is no. The briquettes wont give off any foul smells because the odor evaporates when the manure has dried out. Burning horse manure on a log fire[/link]

You can use our Multimate range of presses to make these horse poo fire logs

Horse manure, fire logs

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